Who we are

We at Technotron have set ourselves the goal of developing a sustainable future

– for our colleagues, our customers, and our suppliers, as well as for the Region of Amberg, Germany.

Our goal is to protect your microelectronic components in the harshest environments the world has to offer as well as to maximize their performance and service life.


Since the establishment of our company in 1988 we have been increasingly successful in setting new standards with this approach.

The drive for innovation comes, above all, from our customers. They expect products from us with which they can execute their projects and make their ideas come to life.

Through professional and close co-operation with our customers we master the most complex of challenges with differentiated technological solutions.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We achieve this goal by, amongst others, ensuring a consistently high level of quality.

Technotron works with a comprehensive quality management system which has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


What we do

Hermetic housings are used to protect valuable and sensitive microelectronics.
These housings provide the connection of internal components to the external environment by means of a hermetic glass to metal seal. In this way your components are securely protected from all kinds of external influences such as electromagnetics, radiation, sparks, gas and air as well as liquids and solvents.

By virtue of our lean company structure and our research and development potential we can create, together with yourselves, any kind of prototype quickly and cost effectively.

The company is equipped exclusively with machinery designed in-house in order to be able to develop and produce hermetic housings for microelectronics to fulfill any current and future requirements.


Our Team

Frau Cornelia Lippert
Managing Director,
Head of Production


Herr Nico Lippert
Managing Director,
Head of Sales


Herr Patrick Pomsel
Head of metal Production


Frau Petra Zenger
Head of Administration