About our Products

Through the use of industry standard as well as unique materials, machines and methods, we manufacture hermetic housings of the highest level.

Thanks to our precise machining capabilities we can achieve tight tolerances for Kovar-, stainless steel- and other expansion alloy- housings.

We offer special and individually tailored customer specific solutions which protect the electronic equipment in your devices, independent of the extreme environmental conditions to which they are exposed. We are able to guarantee this through the Glass to Metal Hermetic Sealing which we have perfected.


The Glass to Metal Hermetic Sealing is a fusion technique in which the glass is hermetically bonded to the metal with a compression or matched seal. These housings establish the connection of internal microelectronics to the external environment by means of a hermetically glazed feedthrough.


Hermetic Glass-Metal-Seals have the following advantages


High level of resistance to corrosion

High level of resilience to impact and vibration

Moisture resistance

Temperature resistance and stability during temperature cycling

Long service life

The semi-finished products required for the Glass to Metal Sealing can be manufactured by Technotron from a large range of materials.

For example, ASTM F-15 (Kovar®), Alloy 42, Alloy 48, Alloy 52 Copper (Cu), Molybdenum Copper (Mo70Cu30), Steel (CRS), Stainless Steel and many more.